Tevida Testosterone Booster Review: Miracle or Scam?

Tevida-Testosterone BottleWe have all heard of the magical powers of supplements these days which is how I found Tevida Testosterone Booster. Unfortunately today there are so many supplements on the market offering magical results that it has become more and more difficult to find something that is actually effective, safe, and affordable. Most end up being horrible scams that are far from effective, not to mention some of the horrible side effects I’ve read about and have actually experienced on my mission to find the perfect supplement to boost my testosterone levels. I am sick and tired of fighting with the symptoms of low testosterone, but I am even more tired of trying to find a supplement that actually works but doesn’t break the bank. I began writing reviews of my experience after the first time I was scammed, from that point on I have yet to actually find something that is worth recommending. Let’s hope this product changes things.

What is Tevida?

The official website of Tevida Testo has claimed that the product is a holistic and thus safe supplement with the ability to boost the natural testosterone levels in the body all the while helping you get the toned and ripped muscles you have worked so hard to achieve. In addition to this if you work out regularly Tevida will also have the ability to improve your stamina thus allowing for faster results from your workouts in the gym and as the official website put it “maintain at your peak performance when you need it most.”

For this to be accomplished they continue to claim that Tevida Testo Xplode features scientifically tested ingredients which are claimed to show results without the possibility of side effects. The manufacturer goes on to say that the only thing you have to do is take on the pill when you wake up and one before your workout and you will get the enhancement to new levels with Pure Testo regardless how much you work out or your age.


That all sounds great but can Tevida Testo Xplode really provide you with, as they put it, “peak muscle power”, or is it just the next supplement you will spend a fortune on without real effects. I have gone further in detail with my research to see if there really is really something special about this product.

Is Tevida’s Ingredients Effective?

Unfortunately, in the official website, there is no list of ingredients or a supplement facts sheet for Testo Tevida to actually back up the claims that they make but there are two studies provided for reference at the bottom of the page for Tribulus Terrestris:

The first is a study done in 2000 and then published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism and the conclusion was that as quoted directly from the study “Supplementation with Tribulus does NOT enhance body composition or exercise performance in resistance-trained males.” Very interesting discovery.

Another study from Airlangga University that found Tribulus supplementation increased “the frequency of successful intercourse by 60% in both the diabetic and non-diabetic groups with or without ED.”

The second study is from Airlangga University which resulted in findings that Tribulus taken as a supplement increased “the frequency of successful intercourse by 60% in both the diabetic and non-diabetic groups with or without ED.” Great but nothing really on the actual results with testosterone boost or better workouts.

Unfortunately for the official website the first study that they offered actually refutes many of the claims made by the official Tevida website. The second study simply supports claims that Tribulus is actually a viable treatment for ED but nothing more. Aside from these studies the scientific community still has a stand on this and still has an opinion. Right? Let’s see.

Well, unfortunately not much information was found to support the claims made for Tevida if Tribulus Terrestris is the only active ingredient they are willing to share. It’s as simple as that, nothing sufficient or to the point.

Is there a Testosterone Booster that Actually Works?

As I have found in external articles in general most of the testosterone supplements you can find online and in stores either have very few ingredients that have the ability to really deliver the manufacturers claims or have ingredients that have absolutely no effect on your testosterone.

With that said, it’s possible for you to experience the side effects of low testosterone at one point or other. They are increased fat distribution, reduction in strength and muscle mass, decreased sex drive, and more. If you experience any of these it is highly recommended that you first speak with your physician before experimenting with any unproven and even potentially harmful supplements with claims to boost your testosterone.

Plenty of Online Reviews of Tevida

Of course there are the numerous hype-filled reviews that are obviously written by commission based affiliates and unfortunately, aside from those it is very hard to find any real and legitimate reviews of real customers that have tried Pure Testo Xplode and trust me, I dug deep.

Testosterone supplements have had a major boost in the last couple of years and even though from what I have seen, experienced, and researched most of them certainly do seem to offer inadequate proof to actually deliver on their manufacturers claims there are still new ones coming out every day. The list of supplements like Lifeforce T-2000, Alpha Limit, Spartagen XT, and numerous others continues to grow.


I have found that I have counted more tthan 50 HighYa reviews from readers for the above products but for some reason their average rating is about 1.5 stars. This is due to the high price, difficulty of canceling their scam free trials and so-called auto ship programs which I will get into further in a little bit, and in general failure to actually work. From what I have read I think that with Tevida you can expect more or less the same.

Take note: I have reviewed numerous products for everything from testosterone boosters to anti-aging products for my wife and have come to the conclusion that these “free” trials and membership programs are just a sneaky way of getting you to provide your credit card information. In addition to this their auto-ship programs are developed to get you sucked into recurring shipments and thus charges. If you see a product sold only in this way, without an option to just purchase a month’s supply straight off the bat I highly recommend you steer clear.

I have done some light reading and found that in addition to the “free” trial the official Tevida website offers a 30-day refund policy. Of course, this is minus the charges for shipping and handling as well as a 35% restocking fee which is strange as this is offered only for the unopened items. So, if you have received the product and don’t want to try it DO NOT open it as once you open it you’ve basically bought it.

Of course, they do offer a contact number for canceling your trial or your membership enrollment as well as to request a refund. I have found that these numbers change regularly so as to make it more and more difficult to actually get to them and cancel your membership.

So, Will you get Results with Tevida?

In all honestly, I am almost certain that you will not. The claims by the official Tevida website are unsubstantiated and their lack of real information such as supplements fact sheet or list of ingredients topped off with their very sneaky “free” trial I think this is more of a scam than a real product that has potential to actually work.

Tevida has all the red flags needed to convince me that it is not the product that will deliver. Their price is outrageous and considering that I highly doubt they can deliver on their promises I think it’s an obvious no on this one. I think you would be far more successful in speaking with your physician about your low testosterone and perhaps getting some information about confirmed and effective ways to help you increase it.

Where To Buy?

You can grab your exclusive bottle of Tevida online by going through its website. Its risk-free trial bottle is also available, which you can claim now. Here