There is no denying it, there are literary hundreds of products out there like Trembolex Ultra. I have tried and have been disappointed by the majority of them. At the ripe age of 37, I am already seeing the signs of low testosterone which are reflecting not only in my personal life by in the way I achieve my goals in the gym. I have been working out for over 9 years now and though I have a body that I am satisfied with I am starting to see a decline in the result and in turn rather than improving I am seeing that I have to work twice as hard to maintain what I have achieved. This drop in testosterone has also reflected in my personal life with my wife. Over the past year, my libido has gradually dropped and I am simply not performing as well as I used to when I even have the desire to do so.

Trembolex Ultra

Overall, a supplement such as this, one that is effective, would do me a great good. Unfortunately, though, there are so many scams out there that even 6 months after I had decided I want to try a testosterone supplement I have yet to find one. Either the supplement itself is completely useless and I see absolutely no results or the company that sells it are scam artists that rob you blind and you get nothing in return. Personally, I feel tired of searching but I see how desperate I am in need of a testosterone boost and continue regardless of how hopeless it all seems.

What is Trembolex Ultra?

This is the 14th supplement I am reviewing. I have found numerous supplements, have tried a few of them, and am still on the same page, searching. What Trembolex Ultra offers is basically what all the rest have promised, more lean muscle mass for the same effort, more endurance and energy, and a boost in sexual drive, endurance, and performance. Your muscles will recover faster in between sets and in between workouts thus allowing you to push yourself further time and again. All great points and all the points I have been promised before.


Testosterone levels drop. That’s a fact. Regardless of how strong you are and how manly you think you are once you pass the 30’s mark your testosterone levels will drop. You will feel tired and your muscles will be fatigued. Sex drive will be reduced and performance, in general, will dwindle. The body will tire faster and easier and your brain will not work as well either. In general, not a good place to be. By simply boosting your testosterone you can improve all of these horrible symptoms of low testosterone if you find a supplement that really works.

Benefits of Taking Trembolex Ultra

Of course, as mentioned before this supplement offers the same benefits as many others. The website is developed in a similar manner as the rest, and the information, in general, is no different either. Just hope that this time they deliver.

  • More Stamina through the increase and balance of your testosterone levels you will be able to get more done daily and push yourself further
  • More Endurance while Exercising will be possible when testosterone levels are increased and energy is back up. By restoring testosterone levels your power will return along with a more effective and more energetic workout.
  • Sexual Stamina and Libido Boost is possible when testosterone levels are increased as testosterone is linked directly to libido and overall sexual performance.
  • More Muscle Mass will be the result of your workouts as balanced testosterone will restore your youthful ability to build muscles which are tighter and stronger.

With a quality testosterone supplement, you will be able to perform at your peak again. Whether you do long or short session workouts your body will be able to get more done thus getting more out of it. Without extra trips to the gym or increasing the session times, you will start seeing an improvement in the results much faster. A testosterone supplement is great not only for those looking to develop their body and muscle mass but for anyone interested in looking after their body and rejuvenating their energy and sex life. Trembolex Ultra is developed to fit easily into any daily regime as you take it only once a day and it is not required for you to change your diet or your exercise schedule to get results.

What is Testosterone and Why You Need It?

Many men overlook the importance of testosterone and what it really means. Every man reaches their testosterone level peak while in puberty. Then as early as their 20’s testosterone levels slowly begin to drop. By the age of 30, most men start seeing the effects of low testosterone. If they work out regularly they will notice that they must work out longer and harder to get the same results and as time passes it will be harder and harder to keep up their performance let alone improve it. Testosterone is key for every man’s body as it helps with power, stamina, and sexual drive. Testosterone levels greatly influence energy and physical performance so having balanced testosterone levels is absolutely important if you want to perform at your best.

What Makes Trembolex Ultra Ideal?

As per the official website they claim that their product is exactly what you need. Regardless that each and every other website I have visited that offers a testosterone boost says the same thing it is important to note that they are very confident in the results. Unlike other methods for boosting muscle mass, boosting testosterone is something that the body understands thus making it noninvasive and completely natural. This means that there are no side effects from taking a testosterone supplement like alternatives which could be invasive. A supplement like this one is a holistic approach to building muscles and boosting your performance.

3 Steps to Results

The official website discusses the 3 steps required for you to get the results you want. Yes, very simple, but I think there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Step 1 – simply take Trembolex Ultra once every day with a healthy meal and a good amount of water. If you are already eating a healthy diet there is no need to adjust what you eat, simply make sure that you take the supplement.

Step 2 – take it to the gym and exercise as you would normally. It is recommended that for best results you take the supplement every day at the same time.

Step 3 – experience the results and feel the benefits from the supplement only weeks after starting. You will experience a heightened libido, more energy, and improve physical performance and increased muscle mass.

Two Studies on the Main Ingredient

Well, unfortunately, there is no list of ingredients, there is no Supplement Facts sheet, and there are no details as to what it is that is used to increase testosterone. This in itself is rather frustrating and honestly, this could be a deal breaker for me considering the numerous supplements I have reviewed in the past. I was really hoping that this one could have been it but I have learned my lesson and this alone is enough to discourage me from ordering simply because I like to do my own research before ordering.

With that said, they did provide two links to research studies which are uploaded onto the website. The downside is that they have placed them in the disclaimer at the bottom of the page in the footer where no one ever looks. I think that they would have been far more beneficial where potential customers could read into them. These are very technical medical writings which are somewhat boring and difficult to decipher and honestly, I admit that I didn’t read through them entirely but rather searched for main points of interest. Here they are:

  • Tribulus Study 1: The Effects of Tribulus Terrestris on Body Composition and Exercise Performance in Resistance-Trained Males
  • 15 subjects – randomly assigned to Tribulus Terrestris or placebo treatment
  • No baseline differences in weight, height, and age between groups
  • Increased significance in maximal repetitions for leg press
  • The only placebo group experienced an increase in bench press repetitions – not a good sign for Tribulus Terrestris
  • No other major improvements

No side effects reported

  • Tribulus Study 2: Protodioscin from Herbal Plant Tribulus Terrestris L Improves the Male Sexual Functions, Probably via DHEA
  • 30 non-diabetic men without erectile dysfunction
  • 30 nondiabetic men with erectile dysfunction
  • 15 diabetic men with erectile dysfunction
  • All given extract of Tribulus Terrestris (3 x 250 mg daily for 3 wk.)
  • The significant increase of DHEA-S levels in diabetic and non-diabetic subjects
  • A significant increase in the frequency of successful intercourse by 60% in both non-diabetic and diabetic men with and without erectile dysfunction

Obviously, since they are providing studies about Tribulus Terrestris it is the main active ingredient in the supplement. I have read up plenty on this ingredient and have found that it is not only effective in improving physical performance and results but also improving sexual performance as well. It has shown no possible side effects and is completely safe. The question is whether there are other ingredients in the supplement which are not noted, this is what worries me.

How Much and Where to Buy?

Regardless that other ingredients in the supplement are not noted I still am interested in trying the supplement. If it is within my price range I would order to give it a shot considering that its main ingredient is one that is confirmed to be effective and safe.


This is where we come to a halt. They offer a Free Trial. Yes, this is fantastic but what most overlook (and perhaps what the website developers are counting on) is that this free trial is for a limited time only

“Tribulus Study 2: Protodioscin from Herbal Plant Tribulus Terrestris L Improves the Male Sexual Functions, Probably via DHEA”

rather than for the full bottle, you will receive upon ordering. You receive a full month’s supply of the supplement at the low price of $4.97 for shipping but what most don’t know is that this trial is only for 12 days. If you do not call and cancel before the 12 day trial period you will be charged for the product in full, $139.97. A hefty price for a mistaken free trial. You will also be enrolled in their membership program which means that every month you will receive a new bottle of Trembolex Ultra and will be charged $139.97 plus shipping and handling every month until you call and cancel.

Though this is not considered a scam as all information is provided openly, it is a pretty nasty scheme to get people to order the trial and charge them full price shortly after. The timeframe given is far from enough to really experience the supplement in full and see if it gives results and honestly, I would prefer the pay the full price upfront and be given a money back guarantee that a free trial which is tricky. Still, if you read the terms and conditions or if you simply scroll down you will clearly see this information and will not be stuck with hefty charges for a product that perhaps you may not want to continue taking.

Should YOU Order?

Of course, you know that this is not for me to answer. Personally, I did not order because I like seeing the ingredients and I like to simply buy a product rather than get pulled into free trials and memberships. The price is a bit high for my taste as well and regardless of how effective the supplement is, I cannot afford to pay this much every month. I think Trembolex Ultra will be effective as its main ingredient is proven to be effective and safe and if it was in my price range and I was given the full list of ingredients perhaps I would have ordered.

Buy Trembolex Ultra

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5 thoughts on “Trembolex Ultra Review: Could this be the Ultimate Testosterone Booster?”

 RX says: June 2, 2018, at 9:54 pm

I was wondering if I start taking Trembolex Ultra is cardio necessary. I am not big on cardio but I read somewhere that regardless of your workout and the supplements you are taking always do cardio.

Jimmy says: May 15, 2015, at 10:13 am

Hi, I just received the bottle of Trembolex Ultra. Just wondering how to take the pills morning, an evening with the food before the workout or after training

Philip says: May 3, 2018, at 5:51 pm

Anyone one knows anything about side effects. My son ordered a few days ago and has been raving all about how amazing this is, how it has boosted energy and how fast it works but I am worried about his health. As a father, I feel that perhaps it’s best to try and build muscle naturally rather than fill his body with all these stuff. I am worried about long-term effects. Regardless how effective it is and how happy he is with it I don’t want him harming himself

Florian says: April 2, 2018, at 6:43 pm

Finding the best supplement for me has been very difficult. I am ready to start losing weight but it seems that all supplements are for those that are already fit and looking to build muscle. Is this supplement suitable for someone that is first looking to lose weight and then build muscle? Are there any side effects? I want to find something that is catered to improving health all the while effective in improving the body visually. I am tired of ordering without getting any real results and this is definitely going to be my last try at this as I can’t waste any more money. Please give me an honest answer as to how it will help me in my mission.

Stan says: April 5, 2018, at 10:06 pm

My question is if I can take Trembolex Ultra even if I am on painkillers? Will this make the supplement ineffective, will it cause side effects, and is it dangerous? I really want to get back on track and the only way I will be able to do that is with a supplement since I had to stay away from the gym for a while due to my injury.